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Volunteer FAQs

What is the typical time commitment for volunteers?
We have many different roles that require varying schedules. However, our general rule is a two-month commitment for office support roles and a three-month commitment for any roles that involve working directly with the children. In some cases a shorter time commitment might be possible, depending on the current volunteer needs or the skills of the volunteer. These roles will be arranged by the Volunteer Coordinator. 

The daily schedule for volunteers will vary based on the type of role they are fulfilling.

Why is the time commitment longer if a volunteer is working with children?
We require a longer time commitment so that we can provide the most stable environment possible to the children we support. Additionally, all volunteers who work with SCC are required to read our Child Protection Policy and abide by this throughout all of their work at SCC.

What sort of jobs will I be doing as a volunteer?
The volunteer positions vary greatly based on the time of the year and the skills you can offer. While good office support is always welcome, there are also peak seasons for fundraising events where we need a larger amount of event and office support. These positions can include admin support, design support, PR & marketing support, and research.

For volunteers working with children the roles also vary, based primarily on the academic year as well as on special events, such as sporting camps or seasonal activities. Our most common volunteer needs include supporting the teaching of English with conversation practice and extra academic support (tutoring).

We update our website frequently to post our current volunteer needs. This is the best place to see what sort of jobs a volunteer might be assigned. In addition, we are always interested in hearing from people with special skills such as audiologists and speech therapists, teachers, or volunteers with a background in business, to name a few. Volunteers who can also speak Vietnamese can be particularly useful and we are interested in hearing from Vietnamese speakers from Vietnam and abroad.

Do volunteers receive any sort of payment?
As a general rule we do not provide any sort of payment to volunteers. For longer term assignments we are prepared to make a contribution to daily travel costs and possibly food too but this is not common and will vary.

Do you provide housing for volunteers?
No, we do not have any formal housing arrangement for our volunteers. However, we have a strong network of friends who are able to assist in finding possible housing options for newly arrived volunteers. Typically we can suggest a few options where past volunteers have stayed and let new volunteers investigate for themselves. Because housing preferences and requirements are very individual, we’ve found it best to leave this up to each volunteer.

What do you do in case of emergency?
All volunteers are required to have an updated emergency contact form on file. We are happy to help volunteers find appropriate support when necessary (medical, consulate, etc).

Do you provide extra activities for volunteers outside of the normal working day?
While our staff is friendly and often will spend time together socially, we do not typically formally organize extra activities for volunteers. Our experience with volunteers has shown that many are eager to explore the city and country on their own, and while we are happy to join when possible, we encourage volunteers to organize activities themselves so that they can choose something that is most suitable to them and their interests.

Anything else I should be aware of?

  • We are normally only able to support volunteers who are over 18 years of age and independent as we are unable to offer official support outside of the office.
  • We operate a Child Protection Policy which you will be required to sign. If you plan to work with children here we will ask you for a Criminal Records Bureau Check from UK or an equivalent in your home country.  We do not currently make these compulsory but it would make things far easier if you had it.
  • Cost of living in HCMC can be high – especially for accommodation. It is possible to rent a room with ensuite and a TV for instance for around $350-$400 a month. Travel is either by taxi or motorcycle carrier (Xe om) but neither of these are too expensive. If you wish to ride your own bike you will need to get a VN license as international licenses are not valid.


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