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Friend of SCC

My name is Nguyen Thi My Duyen (means “Good Karma”). Just like my name, my life always has good chances to meet with many good people. One of them was with SCC – Saigon’s Children Charity, a Non-Governmental Organisation supporting education for disadvantaged children.

I remember clearly the first time I knew Saigon’s Children Charity was through Ms Mai, my senior at Van Lang University. She is working at SCC. She was in charge of calling volunteers for Saigon Cyclo Challenge 2014, including my Event Club at my University. My duty was to give support for the two hosts at the event. I acted as eyes and ears of the two hosts to make sure the flow went smoothly and on time. This provided me with opportunity to work with lovely SCC staff members. I loved their enthusiasm, carefulness, perfect teamwork, and especially their friendliness. Thanks to that kind support, I could accomplish my job and contribute a little to the success of Saigon Cyclo Challenge 2014. After the event, I really hoped to meet everyone again.

Another good fortune has come to me once again when Ms Mai invited me and some other students to become volunteers for SCC’s photo book fundraising project (Saigon – the Future. I agreed to join without any hesitation. Our work was to consign photo books for sale at selected locations, or to support for selling photo books. Joining this project was not only an opportunity, but it was also a challenge to me. Thanks to it, I have improved my communication and teamwork skills, as well as my network a lot. On the other hand, persuading owners was a big challenge to me because I had never done this before.

It seemed that everyone from SCC could understand the difficulties that our volunteers had to face so they always tried to give us their best support. Every time I came to SCC, I wondered why everyone was so friendly. They always smiled no matter how busy they were and helped me whenever they could. Even Mr. Paul Finnis, Director of SCC, gave me a big smile at the first time we met. Thanks to this friendly environment as well as support from SCC’s staff members, I worked more enthusiastically and effectively. I achieved more consignments and became to have more passion for this project.

I really appreciate the time I worked for SCC because I have learned a lot of helpful lessons from here. I have more experience in keeping good attitude when working and giving gentle behaviors to co-workers. Currently, I am still running this project and hope there will be more chances to support SCC and help disadvantaged children in the future.


Nguyen Thi My Duyen

September, 2014

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