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Development and Integration Programme


At this time of the year, it is a chance for SCC to look back at what we have done and what we have achieved. We will keep those in mind as a start of year 2014. What else could say more than by letting our children who have tried their best to escape from poverty and have achieved some initial success speak for their own achievements? The SCC team is very proud to share with you the three following testimonials from our children and hope there would be more and more changes of life in next year.

Stemming from a very poor family in Binh Phuoc Province, I left my family for Ho Chi Minh City on my own to earn living. I worked as a waiter for a coffee shop. The earning was just enough to eat and to rent a tiny room in the poorest area of District 4. In 2011, I joined the photography class to find some beauty in life and to reduce the hardship I had. With good eyes in photography, I was chosen and supported by SCC to participate in a one year and a half visual communication course provided by The Colour Club - a professional international company in visual communication. At the end of 2013, I was more than happy to be offered a full time job at the same company. With an initial salary of 150 USD/month and especially with the broad opportunities to develop more, I have much better hope and confidence for my future.” Nguyen Tan Dat.

Dat’s hometown and where he is working now.

Being the oldest sister of 10 younger brothers and sisters in a farming family in Daknong Province, I could not expect to have enough conditions to develop myself but had to work hard in the field to help my parents feed my younger siblings. Despite the hardship we had, our family was always on continuous struggles for daily life. Putting aside my wish for higher education after I had graduated from high school; I decided to leave for Ho Chi Minh City to look for new hopes. I used to do several kinds of job such as being a sales person in clothes shops, or being a helper in a photocopy shop to earn a living but the jobs I did were never stable. Getting to know about the Saigon Hospitality Course, I knew I would have the chance to be skilful in something. Following the course while having to do a part-time job to live on, sometimes I had to force myself to overcome exhaustion to learn well. After six months of training, I did it! And now here I am, being a good staff of The Hungry Pig Restaurant. Beside my good working conditions as well as good package of benefits, I have a lot of opportunities to use English which I learnt during the course too as my employer is English. The other great happiness which I have is that I’ve been a good example for my nine younger brothers and sisters and I can be proud of by my parents. My mom even went all the way from Daknong to Ho Chi Minh City to attend my Graduation Day!” Nguyen Thi Thuong.

Thuong and her mother at the graduation ceremony and where she is working now.

I’m very lucky when I can work in a professional environment. The salon is very modern and there are a lot of customers. My employer always helps me to improve my working skills. My life has changed a lot since I was in this job: I have money to support my family and I have many opportunities to develop. I’ve become much more confident in work and in life. I’ll make more efforts in doing my job to gain more experiences. When I’m ready in professional skills and finances, I’ll start my own beauty salon”. Nguyễn Thị Thanh.

Thanh now can step by step develop her skills and earn some income as well.

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