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A visit to five-star Windsor Plaza Hotel on the 28th July, left students of the Saigon Hospitality motivated. This was a glimpse into their future careers in hospitality and an opportunity to learn about the professional work environment that they hope one day will be a part of.

They were encouraged to tour the hotel and all of its five-star amenities. As they explored the hotel the HR Executive informed them of the recruitment procedure, working time, and employee benefits at the hotel, information that they will be encountering in their future job searches.

The students were seated in Windsor’s large Conference room.

The students were thrilled when they watched the Executive Chef prepare a dish that they all enjoyed. The students were filled with more than just food but inspiration.

They watched the Executive Chef made a dish.

“This career opens doors all over the world. When you have good hospitality training, you can do it anywhere,” said Stephen Warren, Group Director of Operations at Windsor Management Corp. Stephen is optimistic for the future of Saigon and its development. He fully understands the importance of hospitality training in a time of economic growth; he’s bared witness to it all over Asia.

Stephen believes that education is the key to success, “It’s not only about knowledge, but experience, socialization, and just getting along with people. That’s what matters in the real world.”

Welcome, fed, and educated about the working world in hospitality the students walked away with a lot more than just gift bags, they walked away with a vision.

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