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Saigon Children’s Charity is an independent, UK registered charity that has been working exclusively in Vietnam since 1992 to help the most disadvantaged children escape from poverty through education and training.

Saigon Children's Charity takes simple, practical steps to ensure that the most disadvantaged children get an education. We build schools, we give scholarships, we provide vocational training and we support smaller organisations who share our philosophy.

Our areas of operation extend north from Ho Chi Minh City to Dong Nai, south into the Mekong Delta and west to the Cambodian border. An independent Board of Trustees is accountable for our work and expenditure, and our annual accounts are audited by KPMG.


The scholarship programme operates mainly in rural areas in Southern Vietnam where those in poverty make up nearly 20% of the population and where children have little access to education due to poverty and the shortage of schools. It was set up in 1992 and today enables over 3,000 children in Southern Vietnam to go to school every day.

Poverty is a major factor in non attendance or poor attendance at school, often forcing children to drop out. This lack of education perpetuates the cycle of poverty into which these children were born. Our goal is to ensure that all children excluded from school or whose education is jeopardised by poverty can attend school untroubled by financial concerns or by worries about the cost of education to their families.

Once a child joins our scholarship scheme our aim is to support them as long as they need us until they reach their full potential. Support is tailored to meet their changing needs.


Our scholarship children are growing up, and this means that they will be looking to further their educational path into more advanced subjects. For some this may mean going on to university and for the majority it will mean staying in mainstream education as long as possible and going on from there to receive vocational training support.

Thanks to the hard work of our children and young people, we are happy to report that increasing numbers of SCC scholarship students are now qualifying for a place at University! University fees, normally a few hundred dollars a year, would be completely out of the question for these young people without the help of our university programme.

In most cases, the students are the first one in their family ever to have the chance to go to university. University scholarships are $400 a year and vocational training scholarships are $250 a year. These tend to be for between 2 and 4 years depending on the course they are doing.  We ask for a commitment for the whole of the degree if possible but it is possible to pay these each year rather than all at once.


With the support and commitment from donors, it is our mission to ensure that children from poor backgrounds are given an equal chance to shape and participate in Vietnam’s rapid development. The job market is becoming increasingly competitive for young people, but employers struggle sometimes to find new recruits with the right mix of skills and attitude for work that they need. Access to higher education and training determines the ability of students to develop independence and stand on their own two feet by offering employers what they need – a great attitude and a commitment to work hard and be successful within their own spheres.

Direct: Young, diligent people from disadvantaged backgrounds who have passed the entry exam to university/vocational school and who would like to go on to study for between 2-4 years (depending on their degree). We have students who have enrolled into degrees as diverse as Biotechnology, Pedagogy and Environmental Engineering.

Indirect: numerous current and future family members whose lives will be significantly improved by the increase in job prospects and income generation that their child or brother/sister will procure as a university graduate compared to a high-school graduate.


Nhung is now 24 years old and attended our vocational Thang Long School during her teenage years. Not naturally academic, Nhung worked hard to pass exams – sometimes having to take these twice BUT she was determined to pass and practice her English too. In 2008, she got a SCC scholarship to study accounting for 2 year, and not long after, Nhung secured a job with HSBC in HCMC. Most importantly, Nhung is very different from the girl we met years ago and has developed into an independent and confident young woman.

SCC scholarship team consists of dedicated social workers who survey the needs of children and young people as well as experienced development professionals who run the scholarship programme according to principles of transparency, accountability and sustainability.

SCC manages the funding received by donors and ensures that scholarships are directly turned into tuition fee support. Sponsors are allocated individual students, whose progress we monitor through surveys and study reports and forward to sponsors. Should a student for any reason not complete their degree, funds are allocated to another student waiting for a scholarship to initiate his/her degree.

On behalf of the children we support, thank you very much for your time!


Name      Saigon Children’s Charity 
Legal status Registered Charity (England)
Postal address  59 Tran Quoc Thao
District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Contact person Head of Fundraising, Ms Frederikke Lindholm
Telephone number +84 (0) 3930 3502 – Ext: 107
Mobile +84 (0) 123 815 7508
Fax number + 84 (0) 8 3930 3503
E-mail  freddi@saigonchildren.com
Website www.saigonchildren.com
Bank details  
Bank name  HSBC Bank (Vietnam) Ltd.
Address of bank The Metropolitan, 235 Dong Khoi Street
District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Account name  Saigon Children’s Charity
Account number  001 01 0800 021 (USD)
  001 01 0800 141 (VND)
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