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Communications Autumn 2013



We are back to share with you more on what we have done in the past 3 months since our exciting Summer Ball. We are sure your feelings for it are still somewhere in the air now. If the last newsletter covered many and varied fascinating events for our lovely supporters and wonderful children, then with this newsletter, the “challenge” factor is what it is all about - the way that SCC can help make your “giving back” and volunteering that little bit more challenging and full of surprises- and, hopefully, will make you even more exhilarated.

At the beginning of July, a group of 12 people from Credit Suisse started their day with fence and wall painting, then some table and chair cleaning at Tan Hoa A primary school in Tra Vinh province. They had also brought many gifts for the children and played with them as well (see pictures). The children at first were very shy and quiet, but then when they saw the enthusiasm and friendly smiles from our superb volunteers, they became more and more open and interacted well with Credit Suisse team.

Credit Suisse team on their challenge day

One of the team members from Credit Suisse could not hide his excitement and said: “To be honest, before the trip, I could not image how fun and meaningful this trip can bring to me. Now I have no doubt about that and I will definitely join in other trips like this later."

When it came to August, Prudential staff were very enthusiastic to give back not only through funding for building the new Xuan Tay kindergarten – but also through participating in a challenge day to paint bright and colourful fences and create physical games on the playground with colourful fine gravel (see pictures). Their contribution has made the school in the opening day even more beautiful and meaningful.

Prudential staffs were contributing their support for the new school

Credit Suisse came back with another team of 42 members in September to have another challenge day – this time at Tan Hung kindergarten in Tieu Can, Tra Vinh. This was the 4th time they had come to Vietnam to volunteer like this but the first time at a school they had also funded the building of. Although the weather and transport to the school were not all they could have been, they had made that challenge day a great and memorable time by their positive energy and smiles. The school and local authority also expressed their hospitality to Credit Suisse team by getting along well with them and inviting them for a cozy lunch as well. Before saying goodbye, the team gave the school many types of stationery for the children.

Another Credit Suisse team on their challenge day

Ginga team (a Japanese company) also made their challenge day with Tan Hoa A primary school in Tra Vinh with lots of interactive activities such as: game painting on the playground, gift giving and game playing with children (especially the Yo Yo Fishing game).

Ginga volunteers brought gifts and games and fun to the children

To SCC, support is not only about funding but it is also about those activities from which you can give back to the community and having a great time as well. If you are up for taking part or running one of these challenge days, SCC is more than happy to welcome you all and we will do our best to make those days become memorable to you, to our children, to local communities and to us as well.

If you would like to have further information, please go on www.saigonchildren.com or contact us on scc@saigonchildren.com or at (+84) 8 3930 3502

See you all again in the next newsletter with more exciting activities and events from SCC!

*As well as everything else, our card sale season has now started too. This year is looking promising as we have more designs and better quality too (see pictures). We hope with the increasing interest from you, our children will have more chances for schooling.

Our new collections for Christmas and Tet Holiday this year

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