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Development and Integration Programme

Thang Long School is a school responsibility for which is shared between SCC and the Bureau of Education and Training (BOET) in District 4. The school supports young people in difficulty who live in and around District 4. There are currently 11 English classes held each week with a total of 235 students aged 16 to 25 registered at oe or more of the classes.

The activities of the English classes have really begun to flourish this year. The objectives of the training have been set at a much higher level. Students are now taught to achieve a level within the TOEIC system of exams instead of the A-B Certificates as before. To achieve this, the school has been consolidating teachers’ capabilities, changed the curriculum and started using  new textbooks such as 'New Inside Out "and" More ". Several measures of real quality were applied to improve the teaching and learning at the school. In class, teachers organize interactive activities to help students express themselves more confidently, they prepare teaching materials and give  a lot of electronic lessons.

Every month, foreign expert volunteers from ILA and from British Council as well as other language centers in Ho Chi Minh city come to the school to carry out workshops for teachers. Teachers can discuss and exchange teaching experiences, learn to apply up-to-date methods – all aimed at better focusing on improvements for the students. They also help to improve teachers’ expertise through regular class observations and feedback discussion afterwards. One key piecve of training also include supporting the teachers to better “stream” the young people so that they were ina class aimed at their level rather than being too low or too high. This on its own has made a big difference.

An English session at school. Ms.Thu Cuc  was helping “Beginner” level students to practise communication.

In a seminar, Ms. Jessica - a volunteer with expertise in teaching English –  was sharing her knowledge on  teaching English to students who were struggling to perform well
Furthermore, students have a chance to practice listening and speaking skills with English speakers through club activities,  and playing quizes with help from HSBC’s volunteers. HSBC is again the sponsor in 2014 of the English class having supported the class in past years too. Especially, this was  the first time an English singing contest had been held for students at the school.

Volunteers from HSBC attended the “English Club” in March with the theme: "Welcome to Vietnam"

Students from “Pre-inter” class gave presentations on famous landscapes of Vietnam in English

Awards were given to teams that won the English quizzes

In June, the school had an English singing contest and each class could register one or two performances. This activity was expected  to improve the efficiency of learning, creating a lively and joyful atmosphere in order to help students get  more excited to learn English.

Students preparing for the contest after school

The inter and pre-inter students performed their English songs in a friendship exchange session with students with disabilities and orphaned students in Cu Chi

These extra-curricular activites were greatly welcomed by the majority of students. Witnessing how effective and important these activites were in maintaining  students’ learning progress, Thang Long School, together with the sponsors and SCC will keep them up so that they can attract more and more students to join.

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